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About ePADD

ePADD is affiliated with The Plan Sponsor University (TPSU), a national leader in providing unbiased education to Retirement Plan Sponsors and Fiduciaries to qualified retirement plans.

Since 2013 TPSU has delivered over 100 Fiduciary Education Programs at over 30 college and university campuses (Click here to review the locations where our training has occurred).

Plan Sponsors value objective advice. Now, The Plan Sponsor University (the same organization that has educated Retirement Plan Trustees and Plan Fiduciaries on Retirement plan rules, regulation and legislation throughout the country) is making ePADD available. (ePADD is the electronic – Plan Advisor Due Diligence tool that functions in a fully-open environment.)

ePADD is a time-saver for CEO’s, CFO’s, HR Directors, Controllers, Communications Specialists, Risk Managers, Compensation and Benefit Specialists, etc. – anyone responsible for overseeing the company retirement plan. Companies can spend hundreds of work-hours researching, learning, testing and interviewing potential service providers – and all of that time, energy and money is not scaleable since the market is Dynamic! The Time spent “learning the 401(k) plan industry” as a one-time snapshot is a sunk-cost to an organization. ePADD eliminates that one-time sunk-cost while simultaneously delivering up-to-date service-models, resources and intelligence to Retirement Plan Committees.

ePADD does not eliminate all of the retirement plan committee’s workload on a search for a new or replacement advisor or service provider, but ePADD can position your plan committee members 90 yards down-field – with only 10 yards to go!

If you are wondering if ePADD can bring value to you… Take the following 10 Question Quiz. Then you tell us.

  1. Is there a written strategy for our Company Retirement Plan?
  2. Our 401(k) Plan is on track to replace ____ % of pre-retirement income for ____% of our plan participants.
  3. Is our Retirement Committee “current” on pending Regulation which impacts our plan?
  4. Does our Committee have a strategy for reacting to new Regulation?
  5. What Behavioral Economics or Behavioral Finance updates have been incorporated into our plan in the last 3 years?
  6. What has been the measureable outcome of the above mentioned Behavioral revisions?
  7. Can you confidently state to your plan participants your committee’s position on Target-date-funds, Managed accounts and Risk-based investing?
  8. What are the top 3 areas of concern if your retirement plan is audited next month?
  9. How confident are you that 90% of your plan participants will be in a position to retire at Normal Retirement Age?
  10. Have you factored into your planning budget the additional expense associated with providing benefits, workmen’s comp, healthcare coverage, and absenteeism for those who are financially ready to retire at the Normal Retirement Age?

Based on your responses, is now the time to consider obtaining outside professional assistance with selecting your next Retirement Plan Advisor?

Why not look at Elite Advisors – from the very start?

Click below to get started:

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