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Fiduciary Responsibility
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About Performing an Advisor Search

ePADD makes it easy for you to understand your options when it comes to performing Fiduciary duties.

You have many duties and responsibilities to accomplish as part of your position. Maybe hundreds of tasks that you could describe as being "Your Responsibility".

Now you learn that your latest duty includes "overseeing the company 401(k) Plan" or "finding a new advisor for your retirement plan".

To whom do you turn? Where will you begin? Only you can determine if you are willing to accept biased advice. At one point in the process you will determine the value of unbiased advice. Unbiased advice is valued at a much higher level than any other type of advice.

Are you interested in having a full-time retirement plan advisor, but are concerned that you may again wind up with a part-time retirement person, someone who works with retirement plans on a part-time basis?

ePADD may be your answer.

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  • Do you have an interest in working with a Group of Retirement Plan Advisors who are pre-screened on Retirement Plan specific criteria?

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