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ePADD - About the Electronic RFP Service

Since searching for a 401(k) service provider is not an annual event, the task of sending out a Request for Proposal remains a laborious time consuming process which causes plan fiduciaries and plan trustees to pause, ponder, and procrastinate.

              • What should I ask?
              • Who should I send it to?
              • Have I provided sufficient background on our company plan?
              • Who did I fail to invite to bid?
              • What did I forget to ask?

Do you find yourself saying...

  • The 401(k) Industry and players seem to change each time we look.
  • What used to be important – is no longer relevant.
  • This industry has changed so much – I do not even know where to begin?

Let the ePADD Electronic Request for Proposal service be the solution that brings comfort and confidence to you and your retirement committee!

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